Marvel Crisis Protocol: Star-Lord

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Peter Quill was originally born on Earth, but dreamed of exploring the vast reaches of space.After a chance meeting with a celestial being on one of his first trips off world, Quill chose to venture out on his own to find adventure among the stars as the inter galactic hero Star-Lord. An expert marksman and a clever tactician, Star-Lord leads the motley group of heroes known as the Guardians of the Galaxy against any and all threats across the cosmos.

Box Contents

  • 1 Star-Lord miniature
  • 1 Bases
  • 1 Character Stat card
  • 2 Team Tactics Cards (Crew of the Milano, Rocket Boots?!)
  • 1 Crisis Card (Panic Grips City As Evacuation Efforts Continue!)
  • 1 Affiliation Card (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • 1 Infinity Gem (Power Gem)
  • 14 Tokens

This is an expansion and requires the core set to play. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly. Glue and paint not included!

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