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The Imperial Fists are a Legion of stoic crusaders, a pillar of stability and duty upon which the very foundations of the Imperium are laid. Architect war-masons and voidsmen without equal, the VII Legion fight with unshakeable discipline and methodical force, constructing mighty fortresses that exemplify and enforce the ideals of Unification. The sons of Rogal Dorn are called to stand by the Emperor's side more than any other, serving as the Imperium's leading edge – and its last line of defence.

This A4-sized sheet contains 1,075 high-quality, full-colour waterslide transfers – more than enough for all but the largest Legiones Astartes forces. These transfers allow you to easily customise your miniatures with detailed imagery, specifically designed for the Imperial Fists Legion. The sheet features accurate Legion icons and numerals, company markings, and squad designations, as well as a variety of decorative insignias, honours, large vehicle badges, and banner art for your Imperial Fists army – including ornate text decals and formal Terran honour marks.

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