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The Solar Auxilia are the most elite division of the Imperial Army, trained and equipped to fight in the most hazardous environments. Their cohorts are recruited from all over the Imperium, drawing on void-born asteroid clans, ambitious noble scions, and underhive scum alike. Whatever their origins, those who display the right combination of aggression, discipline, and skill-at-arms can win glory and greatness by leading the advance of the Imperium's tercios.

This set of Solar Auxilia-themed dice is perfect for accompanying your army of elite and disciplined soldiers, and rolling your way to victory in games of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy.

20x grey pearlescent swirl dice with black ink, measuring 16mm along each edge, including:
– 19x D6 with a Solar Auxillia icon on the '6' face
– 1x Scatter Dice

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