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Create and adapt your own species in a dynamic ecosystem with hungry predators and limited resources.

Traits like Hard Shell and Horns will protect you from Carnivores, while a Long Neck will help you get food that others cannot reach. With over 12000 different species to create, see who will best adapt their species to eat, multiply and thrive!

Each round consists of four phases.

Deal cards: deal each player 3 cards, plus 1 card for each species they have in front of them.

Select food: the number at the bottom right of each trait card represents an amount of plant food. Each player secretly chooses 1 Trait Card from their hand and puts it face down on the watering hole.

Play cards: play as many trait cards as they want or save them for the next round. There are three things a player can do with each trait card when it is their turn:

  • Play a trait
  • Create a new species
  • Increase body size or population

Feeding: the first player reveals the food cards on the watering hole, adds up the food numbers on these cards, and places that much plant food from the food bank onto the watering hole. Each player must feed one of their hungry species. Feeding ends when all species have food equal to their population, or when all hungry species are no longer able to eat.

If the population of any species is reduced to 0, it goes extinct. Discard the species board and trait cards on that species and draw a number of trait cards equal to the number discarded.

If the deck had to be shuffled during the deal cards phase, the end of game scoring starts at the end of that round.

Add up each player’s points to determine the winner!





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