Cosmic Encounter (Revised Edition)

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At the dawn of a forgotten age, the Precursors sought intelligent life in the cosmos, only to discover that they were alone. Feeling the weight of their solitude, they sent the seeds of life to thousands of planets in the hope that sentience would follow. But before they could see the fulfillment of their legacy, they disappeared.

Now, the species that sprung from the Precursors' efforts populate thousands of solar systems, with only the remnants of their creators’ technology to guide them. Without the guiding hand of the elder race, these aliens fall to squabbling amongst themselves and battle for supremacy over the stars. In Cosmic Encounter, you're invited to become the leader of your own unique alien species, seeking to expand the reach of your civilization across the cosmos. You will launch the spaceships of your fleet through the Hyperspace Gate to reach planets beyond your home system where, with your own cunning and a bit of luck, you just might establish a colony. If you can successfully establish five of your colonies on foreign planets, you will earn victory and your species’ supremacy will be assured!


GAMETIME: 1-2 Hours



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