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These cargo containers and pre-fab structures form a ready-made settlement from the day the colonists arrive on a new planet. Barracks, stores and recreational establishments find themselves nestled in the crumbling remains of outlandish alien catacombs as a staging point for what lies beyond...

This box contains everything you need to build a multi-level gaming board covering an area of up to 2' x 2' / (600mm x 600mm) or larger, suitable for all 28-35mm sci-fi games in a remote makeshift trading post. All the pieces are modular and can be assembled in any combination you choose for a different set-up every time. The set can be expanded with other sets from the Battle Systems terrain range and is directly compatible with the Alien Catacombs and other Core Space: First Born terrain.


  • 1x Printed Neoprene Gaming Mat 2' x 2' / 600mm x 600mm
  • 3x Large Trade Containers
  • 1x Square Trade Container
  • 1x Container
  • 1x Scaffold Structure
  • 2x Drop Crates
  • 1x Cargo Crate
  • 1x Table
  • 2x Chairs
  • 9x Assorted Intact Catacomb Walls
  • 30x Assorted Ruined Catacomb Wall Sections
  • 3x Ruined Catacomb Floor Sections
  • 3x Ruined Pillars
  • 5x Assorted Struts
  • 3x Ruined Stasis Pods
  • 74x Assorted Scatter Components & Accessories
  • 40x Plastic Clips

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